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About Mountain View California

Mountain View, California, is a treasure of the San Francisco Bay Area. With its amazing views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this city retains its scenic beauty while remaining a hub of digital commerce. Visitors to Mountain View are immediately captivated by its temperate climate and magnificent landscape.

A secret to Mountain View’s timeless appeal is its blending of history and modern convenience. The historical adobe building at 157 Moffett Boulevard best characterizes this blending. This adobe building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and offers a unique location for special events. The open-truss main room can accommodate 100 guests and includes facilities for professional catering services. Wrought iron detail and hand-hewn lumber compliment the adobe structure with a classic feel.

Another prize of this Northern California city’s architecture is the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. This completely modern auditorium is at the center of Mountain View’s performing arts scene. With a full complement of high-tech production capabilities, the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts hosts a wide range of productions to entertain the culturally diverse local community.
A decommissioned naval air station, Known as Moffett Federal Airfield is a sight well worth visiting. The facility now houses the NASA Ames Research Center, but its legacy is also evident from its listing as a national historic district. The highlight of this facility is thelegendary Hanger One, which is still one of the largest freestanding structures in the world. Hanger One’s colossal size is easily recognized by how it dwarfs the surrounding buildings.

Mountain View’s pivotal role in the evolution of the digital age is highly detailed by the Computer History Museum. Home to the world’s largest collection of computing artifacts, this museum tells the story of the computer in a fun multi-media way. The ever growing research and collection of this institution allows museum visitors to enjoy tours, lectures and a wide range of computer-based resources.

For those looking to enjoy Mountain View’s captivating natural beauty, the Steven Creek isa prime destination. This creek runs nearly the entire length of southern part of Mountain View and offers pedestrians and bicyclists an opportunity to discover the natural beauty of this region. The paved trail is relatively flat and easily enjoyed by all ages.

Mountain View’s rich history can also be explored by visiting St. Joseph Parish, which was founded in 1905. After surviving the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the building burned down in 1928. The structure was rebuilt in 1929 and operates as a working church building.

Visitors and residence of this unique city are always full of excited stories. Mountain View is a city with something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

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